Working with a Professional Resume Service Print E-mail

by Alesia Benedict, CPRW, JCTC

Most job seekers have never worked with a professional resume service before and therefore, are not sure what to expect from the experience. A professional resume service works like a public relations firm for the job seeker. The professional resume service gathers information about the job seeker, his/her experience and background, and career goals, and crafts a professional image for the job seeker to put forth. The professional resume service might provide only resume services or they might provide job search coaching and information as well. Many professional resume services also provide skills and communication styles testing, mass mailing services, confidential job search services, and research.

A resume service helps job seekers view career achievements in an objective way and then create a resume that will highlight those achievements to best “sell” them to an employer. The resume is a sales document, just as a brochure or flyer might be for a business. A resume service also prepares the ancillary documents needed for a job search such as a cover letter, salary history, or reference page.

A resume service can also serve as a good resource for the job search. Being a part of the careers community, and working with many job seekers, most resume services are well tuned to the trends, connections, and events centered around hiring. Resume services receive feedback and information from client job seekers that might be helpful to other clients. Often, hiring managers will contact a resume service to find out if they know of any suitable candidates. Recruiters will work with resume services to polish resumes of their best candidates and in the process will share information regarding hiring.

Finally, it is important to find a reputable resume service. Look for one that has membership in professional career organizations, has a good track record, has writers on staff that are certified, and has writers on staff that have had their work published. Resume services with these credentials are a good investment to the job seeker.

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