5 Trends to Jump Start Your Job Search Print E-mail

Are you looking for a job? Don't use old-fashioned job hunting techniques as you chase down your next employment opportunity. Instead, you want to make moves that will help you create connections that will lead to future interviews with great companies.

1) Start Connecting in the Real World

Connections are critical in the business world. While online relationships are great, you want to meet the people who could be making a hiring decision on you in the future. When hiring managers can put a face to the name on the application, it makes it much easier to get the job.

2) Volunteer Your Time and Talent

If you are unemployed, chances are you’re job seeking for a large portion of the day. Use your free time to volunteer in your community. You can tutor disadvantaged youths, teach kids in a foreign country how to speak English or help build houses for those who have no place to live.

3) Stop Whining!

Taking to the Internet to complain about the lack of job opportunities in your field isn't going to inspire a company to contact or hire you. What you will notice is that people gradually start to shy away from you. This is because no company wants to take a chance on someone who whines when things go bad. Your contacts may not want to vouch for you because it could reflect poorly on them if you are a whiny or immature employee.

4) Use Social Media to Your Advantage

While you want to make connections in the real world, social media does play a powerful role in your job search. Social media is where you can
make connections with employers in other states or countries. These are the employers that you don't have time to visit in person due to distance or other logistical restraints. However, these contacts can still help you find a job in the future.

5) Showcase Your Accomplishments on Your Resume

The goal of your resume is to tell an employer why you would be a good fit for an open position as well as with the company. No matter how many pages it takes you, make sure that you are telling a gripping tale of a job candidate who can help his or her employer grow and thrive. If you can do that, you are going to get many interviews from top notch companies.

Your job search does not have to be tedious or fruitless. If you are aware of the latest job search trends, you can overcome your adversity and find a job. Tell good stories, meet as many people as possible and refrain from publically posting “negative thoughts” to ensure that you have maximum success on the job hunt.