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Making a significant career change or seeking a new job position can be challenging. Landing a career that matches your skill sets can be difficult if your resume contains an overwhelming amount of errors. With an overwhelming amount of applicants to choose from, employers are looking for competent individuals. Which seven mistakes are costing you the chance to interview for your next job position?

1) Failing to Provide Contact Information

This is the most embarrassing reason why you don't get a call back for a job interview. If the employer cannot find you, there is no chance that you will receive an offer to further discuss the position.

2) Lengthy Cover Letters

Your cover letter should be comprised of short sentences which quickly summarize your past and present career highlights. Showcase your most relevant skills and why you would be a great fit for a given position. Avoid overuse of filler words or add information that the employer did not ask for.

3) No Compelling Keywords

There is a good chance that your resume is going to go through a keyword scan to ensure that it is worth reading. With so many people applying to any open position, screening resumes for keywords has become standard protocol for many hiring professionals.

4) Grammar or Spelling Issues

Spell check should save you from 99 percent of all spelling issues. If you don't know basic grammar by now, it is important that you have a professional
evaluate and rewrite your resume. There are no excuses for simple errors on what amounts to your first contact with an employer.

5) No Relevant Experience Provided

Your resume should have a list of relevant previous experience that qualifies you for the job. If you don't have required skills or experience, it is more than likely that you will not be considered for this particular opportunity.

6) Resume Length

A strong resume will be constrained to a single page unless you have been employed for more than a decade. Otherwise, you want to keep your resume concise and to the point. Recruiters usually have a few minutes to look over your resume, keep it short and sweet!

7) Submission Deadlines

Always pay attention to the details when submitting your resume. If you don't send it in on time, be sure to send it to the right person or follow other instructions. It is critical to double check your resume to ensure that it meets all the criteria before it is submitted if youre expecting to hear back from a potential hiring manager.

One of your main goals when sending your resume to potential employers is to
score an interview. Therefore, it is important to follow directions, provide contact information and check for grammar errors. If you can do that, your odds of scheduling an upcoming interview will significantly increase.