Applying for a Job During the Holidays: What You Need to Know Print E-mail
Are you slowing down your job hunt because the holiday season is around the corner? If yes, then you are buying into the myth that companies do not hire during the holidays. Job searching can be difficult and time consuming, but if you think that you are wasting your time during the holiday season, you will be pleased to know that you are not. While many believe otherwise, the holiday season is actually a beneficial time period to apply for jobs

Since many other applicants avoid searching during the holidays, you have the advantage of less competition and easier access to key decision makers who are still in the office. Although most companies close during the holiday season and employers leave for vacations, the hiring process does not stop.

Some hiring managers actually take a break from their vacation to meet with short listed candidates. Furthermore, employers sometimes prefer to hire new employees for the start of the New Year. Businesses still need to take into consideration competitive pressures, growing markets, and strategic initiatives. These things don’t just take a break! So, get yourself back on your laptop, iPad, or whatever other search device you need and start applying!

Tips for Holiday Job Hunting:

• Networking: The holiday season is a great time to mingle with friends, family, and acquaintances at various events and parties. Use this time period to build relationships with some of the individuals you interact with at these social gatherings. Remember to let people know that you are job hunting. Don’t be ashamed of this fact, because it is true and you never know who could provide your next job lead!

• Holiday cards: What better way to connect with someone than to send a holiday greeting? Send out holiday cards to people you interacted with during holiday events, who may have recommended a job for you. You can also send out cards to hiring managers whom you have had interviews with. Be sure to include your business card if you have one.

• Don’t get lazy: Don’t get too comfortable sitting and enjoying those holiday treats! Make sure you make time to continue job searching. Treat your job search like an actual job. Schedule a proper amount of time for applying and make the most out of every hour you spend (avoids distractions, keep checking online for job posts, join forums, and network.)

• Online networking: If you haven’t already done so, network online with websites such as LinkedIn. Other social media sites can often be used for job postings as well. Yes, that means don’t rule out Facebook and Twitter! The holiday season is an excellent time to contact individuals you network with online. Shoot them a holiday greeting as a start!

• Fix your resume: Be sure to use this time to edit or re-write your resume. Resumes are critical in the job hiring process. A hiring manager may dismiss your application if your resume is not well-structured with the appropriate content. Get your free resume evaluation now!