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Taking the effort to write your resume with the reader in mind is important to boost your chances of landing a much-needed job. Refer to these four tips to put together a compelling resume that catches the eye of a recruiter.

1. Organize your resume for easy reading. Busy recruiters may only glance over your resume if they're facing a stack of 50, 100 or even more resumes for the same position. Highlighting your strong points in bold fonts that are spaced in a logical manner is a must to draw the eye of the recruiter.

Bulleted lists are perfect for a resume that may only be briefly glanced at before being sorted into a pile. Use these lists for academic background, experience and skills, and keep your entire resume on one page if possible.

2. Avoid using a unique look simply for the sake of being different. There are plenty of stories about how a person used a unique resume idea to land a job, but very few people have actually found work by employing this method. Unique resumes are also
industry-specific. For example, a graphic artist will probably want a colorful resume in a personally-designed layout, but the purpose of this design is to show off graphic design skills.

Unless you are in a field related to art or design, stick with an easily-readable font in black on a white background. Always print a test copy to ensure your font shows up well on the paper.

3. Go beyond spelling, grammar and punctuation when proofreading. You certainly don't want to submit a resume that is full of typos and grammatical errors, but there are other words and phrases which should be avoided on your resume. Cliche words that recruiters see candidates use time and time again can cost you the job.

Head over to the
Huffington Post to learn more about which words you should avoid. These are common resume words and phrases, so there's a good chance that you have at least one of these offenders on your resume. allows visitors to upload their resume for a free evaluation. Submit your resume to learn how you can change the wording to make yourself more appealing to employers.

4. Create more than one version of your resume. Even though you may be looking for similar jobs with different employers, you need to customize each resume to the specific job and employer. Establishing a resume that is easy to adapt for the situation is the best way to get over this hurdle.

Review your professional skills to highlight certain skills that are relevant to the open position. You could list out all of your skills and keep details of each of these skills handy on a computer in order to switch out the applicable experience.

Whether you're struggling with unemployment or just considering a change of career, GetInterviews can help you put together a resume that stands out from the rest.

Accomplishments to Leave Off Your Resume Print E-mail
Listing every minor accomplishment on your resume may be tempting, but the truth is that there are some that can actually hurt your chances of landing a new job when included on a resume. A resume is your chance to give employers a snapshot of the attributes which make you an ideal candidate for a given position. Listed below are some accomplishments that should be left off your resume.

Indefinable Accomplishments

While it may sound great to tell a potential employer that you were the hardest working employee your past boss had ever seen, but how are you going to back that up with evidence? Unless you actually won an award or received tangible recognition for this achievement, it should be left off your resume.

If you wish to provide examples of past work experiences which highlight your positive attributes as an employee, save the details for the interview. You can relate a story about how you worked hard or encouraged teamwork when an interviewer asks you a direct question related to these events.

Typos and Mistakes

Some accomplishments can be included in your resume, but you're not going to impress anyone if you include typos or grammatical errors within your explanation of the accomplishment. It can be easy to have a mental lapse when typing up a resume because of the stress related to job searching. However, ensure you don't make a mistake that could cost you a potential job opportunity. For example, some resume writers have accidentally used the word "complaint" when they meant to say "compliment." Imagine telling your potential employer that you receive complaints from your current employer instead of compliments.

Avoiding the pitfall of typos on a resume is as simple as submitting your resume for evaluation. Our free review gives you the opportunity to improve your resume and increase your chances of landing the job you deserve.

Falsified Information

Remember when you got that big promotion and received awards for being the best employee in the company? If that didn't really happen, it shouldn't be on your resume. Lies about accomplishments that never happened will always come back to haunt you. You may be trying to make up for something like failing to take a class or two to earn a degree or being stuck in a position with a past employer, but lying about the situation won't help. Tell the truth and explain the circumstances in the interview.

Accomplishments in Hobbies

You made it to the last level in that video game that you've been stuck on for a year. You finally learned a difficult guitar riff that had been giving you trouble. Your fantasy football team made it to the playoffs this year. Those are all great personal accomplishments, but they have nothing to do with your professional life nor do they correlate with your career goals. Unless one of these hobbies comes up in small talk during the interview, keep these accomplishments to yourself.

If you're ready for a free resume evaluation, choose After your evaluation, you can choose to have your resume professionally rewritten to ensure that you're conveying the right message to prospective employers. Recommendations
Industry Specific Resumes 101 Print E-mail

Landing your dream job is possible with a respectable amount of work experience and a captivating resume. The benefit of knowing what you want to do is being able to customize your resume to a specific industry you are applying to. By doing so, your chances of being noticed amongst other applicants are significantly increased. Prospective employers normally scan your resume for keywords and past/present job responsibilities according to a specific industry.

Regardless of the type of job you are applying for, a resume gives an employer a better understanding of who you are and what you have to offer. Often times, a resume is the first impression that a perspective employer gains about you. Most hiring managers will be drawn in when he or she comes across a resume which was carefully created to grab their attention. A resume that is tailored for the jobs you apply to, is a great way to stand out amongst others applying for the same position as you.

To make your resume jump off the stack on a perspective employer's desk, you'll first need to research the company in question. What are their values and beliefs? Think about how you can tie the spirit of their company into your resume. Once you know what they are looking for is when you can optimize your resume and be sure to angle your position accordingly.

Researching the industry and job position in general will give you more inspiration. Look for keywords that are being used by successful people in the position you hope to have. Making your resume pop is all about using the right industry-related words to show a perspective employer that you are familiar with the field.

  • Reference articles written by and for people already in the industry to get a feel for the language they are using.
  • Keep an eye out for concepts and skills commonplace within your desired industry to better understand what about yourself you should be emphasizing.
If you want the perfect resume for your job search, you can hire professionals to do the work for you. offers a guaranteed resume-writing service to help people like you land the job you deserve. We have helped thousands of job seekers find work in their desired fields or make a career transition.

Your resume should both conform to industry standards and stand out in a way that puts the spotlight on your most notable marketable skills. Hiring a professional is the best way to get that top notch resume to land the career you deserve!

How to Spring Clean Your Resume Print E-mail
While many tend to eliminate garage clutter or organize their closest once spring comes around, it is important to keep your resume updated as well. Stay on top of your job search! In order to gain the interest of a job recruiter and stand out among other applicants, follow these simple tips.

Create a Professional Summary

An informative and engaging summary can be used to showcase your work experience. This should be concise and not overly wordy, bullet points can be used to further emphasize key points. Discuss the following key points within your summary: job position, daily tasks, milestones, etc. Do your best to assess what characteristics a future employer may be looking for in a potential candidate. Incorporate the appropriate amount of keywords, while still remaining natural (as opposed to robotic).
Highlight Recent Skills/Achievements

Make note of your most recent responsibilities at work, and also any side projects that might stimulate conversation during an interview. Your skills should closely relate to each listed job description. Always remember to use industry terms and keywords that will best summarize daily responsibilities. Think about your most recent achievements and list those you would like to share with potential employers.

Eliminate Unnecessary Information

Don’t waste resume real estate just to fill the page with content. Review your past positions and delete those that are not relevant for the industry for which you are applying as long as it doesn’t create gaps. If you have only had one or two job positions that were of similar fields, include more in depth descriptions. Carefully look over your resume and ensure it is tailored to suit your ideal career path.

With the warm weather soon to be upon us, take the time to do a little spring cleaning. The aforementioned points will help you accomplish just that!
3 Vital LinkedIn Strategies that Will Help You Get Hired in 2013 Print E-mail
If you are a frequent reader of the GetInterviews Blog, then you already know that we value the importance of using social media in the job search. If you’re a job seeker in 2013, being active in the social spaces can really improve your chances of getting an interview – more importantly, the job you want.  While job seekers should always stay active via social media, it’s imperative you spend time setting up a LinkedIn profile that showcases your personality, strengths and what you’ve accomplished.

Why LinkedIn you ask? Out of all the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) LinkedIn is the social platform of choice for business professionals. 50% of LinkedIn’s registered members are decision makers within companies, but the fact that truly supports choosing LinkedIn is that 98% of recruiters utilize LinkedIn in the hiring process. With that being said, if you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, now is the time to create one! Once you do, here are 3 things you absolutely must do for job search success on LinkedIn in 2013:

Optimize your profile

LinkedIn has SEO value. This means you should include strategic keywords in your profile. Think of all the terms and skills used in your industry and place them in your profile whenever it’s relevant. Keywords such as “salesperson” or “account manager” aren’t going to do you any justice. Think about who you are and what you do. Then, use specific keywords in your headline to help you stand out.

An average headline:

Salesperson at ABC Company

A good headline:

Certified sales professional with a specialty in internet marketing services at an award-winning web development agency.
Your headline is the key to getting people to click on your profile when your name comes up in the search results. How are you going to show recruiters and/or hiring managers that they should click on your profile? You can better your chances with a strong headline.

Insert industry specific keywords all over your profile but always remember that your profile should be of quality. Don’t oversell yourself by stuffing the same keywords wherever you can. Be natural with it, and also make sure you take the time to fill out every field you can on your profile.

LinkedIn Jobs

Since LinkedIn is the go-to network for career professionals, it would only make sense for companies to place any job openings on the platform. LinkedIn is helping some of the world’s greatest talents get noticed, and it can do the same for you.
LinkedIn Jobs recently received a redesign as well. According to Vaibhav Goel, associate product manager at LinkedIn, "We want to help you find your dream job and the new LinkedIn Jobs experience has been completely redesigned to connect you with the right career opportunities and tools to help you take advantage of those opportunities."

LinkedIn Jobs recommends “jobs you may be interested in” based on what you’ve included on your profile. This is just one benefit of having a complete LinkedIn presence. Once you’ve located a job of interest, you can apply right from LinkedIn (in most cases). You can even utilize the advanced search feature to find jobs based on your personal criteria. Make sure you save the searches so new jobs that match your criteria will show up in the future.

Grow your network (and recommendations/endorsements)

Those with a bigger network reap in the benefits on LinkedIn. Your visibility grows exponentially as the number of connections grow. This proves helpful if you’re trying to increase the number of times you show up in search results. 

A great way to grow your connections is to utilize the “People You May Know” tool. This tool scans your current profile and connections to suggest friends, family and/or other people you may share ties with. The People You May Know list updates each time you connect with new people, so get cracking! The Alumni tool is also a great way to grow your connections. The Alumni tool will search LinkedIn for those who went to college with you. You can even change the dates so it reflects the same years you attended.

Along with growing your network, ask those who can vouch for your skills to recommend and/or endorse you. This will provide proof of your skills and knowledge – the factor hiring managers are looking for. While it’s important to grow your network, only connect with people who you know. LinkedIn penalizes you if too many people ignore your request. The same goes for recommendations. Make sure you’re requesting recommendations from people you’ve worked with or have been your mentor in the past. Family recommendations don’t carry that much weight on LinkedIn.

To get the most out of LinkedIn, make sure you’re an active user on the platform. Add LinkedIn to your daily job search in 2013 and you’ll certainly improve your chances of getting the job you want.
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