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We often talk about the expert resume services we perform for our clients at GetInterviews. Although a well-written resume is vital in securing an interview, the job seeker will often find that a cover letter is just as important in the equation of job search success. What is a cover letter, you ask?

A cover letter is both an introduction to your resume AND a marketing document for you. It explains why you’re sending an employer your resume and more importantly, why you’re qualified for the position.  It should help to showcase your strengths and help set you apart from your peers. A cover letter should be tailored to each position you apply for as well as address the requirements of the job.

You already know that a well-written resume is vital in the job search, but when coupled with a strong cover letter, you’ll be able to effectively prove that you’re ready for the position. All that’s left after that is the interview!

When writing an effective cover letter, make sure you keep these three concepts in mind:

Do your research

Before you apply to any job, you should learn as much as you can about the position, the employer and the industry.  This can make all the difference. Not only will hiring managers be impressed by your knowledge, it shows them that you understand the company’s problems, and that you’re confident in being the solution to those problems. This will help you establish focus when creating your cover letter.

Grab the reviewer’s attention

As you already know, you’re facing heavy competition for the position you’re applying for. A hiring manager has to read each applicant’s cover letter and resume one by one. Don’t use the same boring introduction that most of your competition is using! It’s redundant; the reviewer has already read it, which can turn employers off before they’ve even gotten to the meat of your resume!

Write your cover letter with the intention of getting the employer excited about meeting you. Try grabbing the attention of the reader so that he/she is eager to learn about what it is that makes you the right fit for the position.

State the facts

The purpose of the cover letter is to sell your skills to an employer. The best way to do that is to state the facts. How can an employer trust that you can do what you say you can do? Include statistics and other factual evidence that will help the employer trust your credibility. If your cover letter doesn’t support the fact that you’re capable of doing the job, then your chances of getting the interview will heavily decrease.

Remember, the cover letter is more about what you can offer the company, rather than what you want from the company. Sell your skills by stating the facts.

These three cover letter aspects are all vital in crafting an effective cover letter. Still need help? Contact GetInterviews and we’ll help you create a winning cover letter that will assist you in securing the interview you want!

3 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Resume Writing Service Print E-mail

We’ve stressed this many times before. While there may be a host of factors that go into securing a job, having a resume that effectively conveys the message that you’re the right candidate for the position, is the first step to getting the interview. Are you 100% confident that your resume is optimized for success?

There are plenty of job search articles that aim to give job seekers tips and strategies that will better their chances. While many of the tips vary, job search experts strongly recommend having a professional service look at your resume first.

Not only will a resume writing service help you portray your strongest qualities on paper, expert writers are experienced in the hiring process. With all the competition for the job you’re applying for, a resume writing service can save you time by making your resume stand out above the rest.

With that being said, make sure you think about these factors when choosing the right resume writing service:


Who is the firm writing your resume and how are they qualified to do so? How long have they’ve been in business? These are things you MUST know before handing over money to a resume writing service. Any service that doesn’t readily share their experience and accolades is a clear sign that their service can’t be trusted.

The GetInterviews team has over 18+ years of experience. All of our writers are Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW) and we have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Our excellence in the resume writing field has led us to a variety of accolades in the resume writing field.

All of our credentials and achievements are readily available on the website.


If someone came up to you in the street and said that he/she could write a resume that would get you any interview you wanted, would you believe him/her? I would hope not.

The internet is full of promises from people and businesses you’ve never heard of so be careful! When choosing the right resume writing service, make sure you look for ‘authentic’ testimonials. I say authentic because any service can create and publish testimonials on the internet. Therefore, it’s important to evaluate the legitimacy of the testimonials you read.

A good way to read authentic testimonials is to visit a company’s LinkedIn page. The recommendations come from registered LinkedIn members, so there’s a very slim chance of fabrication by employees from the service.

Free consultations and guarantees

Lastly, take into consideration the ability to send your resume to an expert for a free resume review. This is a great chance to see the amount of work your resume needs and if the service is really honest, you might learn that little or no work is required at all. Since a free consultation isn’t binding, you can learn a lot about how you can improve your resume without paying a single dime. The initial feedback from a free consultation may be the only thing holding you back from getting the interview you want – so what are you waiting for?

Don’t forget to make sure you read and UNDERSTAND a resume service’s guarantee. For example, the GetInterviews guarantee is “Guaranteed interviews in 30 days, or we’ll re-write your resume for free.” With this guarantee, GetInterviews clients can be sure their resume will get them the interview – and if it doesn’t, the resume will be re-written at no extra charge. Ensure you choose a service that can offer you a guarantee so that you have a sense of security.  

In conclusion, you should never choose a resume writing service that doesn’t have all the aforementioned aspects. A service that has all three of these components is one that will do the best for your job search.

To get started, send your resume to the experts at GetInterviews for a FREE Resume review.

Writing a Resume with No Work Experience Print E-mail

Job seekers send out many resumes to employers with optimistic hopes. While some are lucky enough to get the interview, other job seekers aren’t as fortunate. However, there are a lot of things you can do to better your chances of getting the interview. The first step is having an expert resume writing service look over your resume. A free resume review can give you the confidence needed to attack the job search with full force.

But how do you succeed in the job search if you have limited experience? You can rest assured, it’s possible! This is a common problem amongst job seekers and the truth is, there are ways to succeed without having any experience.

So, how do you do it? The art lies in highlighting your other strengths. Using the strategies below, you’ll be able to accomplish that.

Volunteering and internships

Volunteering has tons of benefits. First, it can be an effective way to show employers about your work ethic. Second, it can help you develop skills related to the career path you are looking to get into. Lastly, the possibilities to network are endless. If you don’t have any volunteering experience, contact a local charity or shelter – there’s always a need for volunteers.

Try to acquire an internship in your industry as well. This will give you the skills needed to better yourself and yet again, offers a great chance to network with influential people.

Volunteering shows employers that you are adamant about bettering yourself and making an impact, while internships will help you acquire the skills needed. These strategies are essential for a resume with no work experience.

Awards and achievements

Be sure to include any relevant awards and/or achievements when crafting a resume with no experience. These could be acknowledgements for an academic achievement or recognition for a project or activity you were involved in. Achievements are another effective way to show employers that you have tasted success – success that can undoubtedly be replicated in the position you are applying for. Think about how your past achievements relate to the position you are applying for, and use them to convince the employer that you’re more than capable.

Your skills

Even though you don’t have any work experience, you must make it a point to highlight job-related skills. Maybe you’ve taken a class in graphic design or maybe you’ve participated in an activity where you had to manage a group of peers. All transferrable skills must be mentioned. Employers want to know how you’re qualified for the position. Use your skills to answer that question.


References will give you that all-important push when applying for a position. A reference or recommendation will tell the employer why you’re the best fit for the job, despite your lack of work experience. Make strong connections when networking and use those relationships as references to support your resume, but do not include these references on your actual resume. Construct a list of professionals with their contact information, who will be willing to vouch for your work. Then have your list ready for distribution if an employer asks for it. Then have your list ready for distribution if an employer asks for it.


If you don’t have any relative work experience, then you should try placing an emphasis on how your personality would be a great fit for the position. While this shouldn’t go on your resume, you can use your cover letter to describe how your personality will help you succeed in the position. Remember, not only are employers looking for a candidate that can do the job, they are also looking for someone who will fit-in with the team.

As stated before, the key to writing a resume with no experience is to highlight your strengths. Despite having no experience, why are you qualified for the position? Focus on the points outlined above and you’ll be on your way to job success.

Are you still uncertain about your resume? Let the experts at take a look at it.

3 Things Employers Look For on Your Resume Print E-mail

With the recent study that shows that hiring personnel spend an average of just six seconds on each resume, are you sure your resume is optimized to keep their attention? Because the truth is, if your resume doesn’t make a good first impression, your resume will quickly find a place in the garbage.

But don’t fret! When crafting your resume it’s important to understand what employers will be looking for. First and foremost, make sure you include updated contact information on your resume. If you do get the job, don’t make it difficult for employers to contact you.

Use the knowledge outlined below to ensure your resume stays at the top of the pile.

Organization and Consistency

First and foremost, make sure your resume has strong organization. Some corporations utilize an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that will scan your resume. This scan will determine whether or not your resume gets passed on into the hands of a hiring manager. Make sure your resume is organized so that the ATS can easily read it, and that a hiring manager can easily find the information he/she is looking for.

Consistency is also important. Make sure you’re conveying the same message throughout your entire resume. By doing so, your consistency will tell the employers that you are fully confident in your ability to get the job done. It will also tell employers that you’ve put effort into creating your resume.


Every employer wants to see what you’ve done in the past. Employers expect you to solve issues that are holding their company back from reaching its full potential. As you research the job you’re applying for, identify industry problems. Then, use your experience as proof that you will be influential in solving those problems. Your experience section needs to show the employer that not only can you do the job, but you can excel at it.


With including your experience, only include the past work that is relevant to the position you are applying for. Your resume will lose consistency quite fast if your past experiences are all over the place. If you must include past work that is on the border of relevance, make sure you list job duties that can be related to the position you’re applying for. It’s perfectly fine (and encouraged) to have tailored resumes for each position you apply for, so fine tune for optimal consistency with each application you submit.

Remember: Employers already know what they’re looking for. Don’t give them any reason to think your resume is a waste of time.

Follow these tips and make a lasting impression with hiring personnel. Still unsure about your resume? Consider having an expert look at it for a free resume review.  

How to Battle the Unemployment Blues Print E-mail

Being unemployed for long periods of time can understandably have a negative impact on your job outlook. Actively participating in resume blasts without getting so much as an acknowledgement from hiring managers is discouraging. As the process goes on, and you continue to fail during your search for employment, you may develop the unemployment blues.

The unemployment blues is a common condition that haunts job seekers. It’s a condition that plagues job seekers by taking away their hope and optimism, as the idea of finding a job becomes less and less of a possibility. The bad news? Your job search will take a major hit if you attack it with the unemployment blues. However, the good news is, you can battle the blues to regain control of your job search! The first step of doing that is to stay positive. It’s hard to do, but it’s something that must be done if you are going to have any job search success.

Along with having a positive attitude as a job seeker, here are some other ways to battle the blues:

Find motivation

This may sound obvious, but a great way to lose the blues is to stay motivated. We recently posted a motivational video on the GetInterviews Facebook page. The most important quote from the video is “if you’ve never failed, you’ve never lived.” The truth is, failing is a good thing. If you didn’t fail, you would never need to better yourself. Find out what motivates you and leverage it in your job search.

Learn a skill

When you’re unemployed, it’s easy to lose focus. Don’t take your eye off the prize. In fact, stay sharp by teaching yourself a new skill that will help you in your job search. Whether you learn on your own, take an online class or even volunteer at an industry event, you will better yourself by expanding on what you have to offer.

LinkedIn is a helpful social network that will allow you to stay up-to-date on industry news. See what’s going on in your industry, interact with people, learn from the experts and start contributing to the conversation.

Stay fit

Stay fit! If you’re unemployed for long periods of time, consider evaluating your mental and physical health. If you find yourself with a lot of time, join a gym or go for daily jogs. The stress from being unemployed can be taxing on your body. Combat that by doing what you can to stay fit, eat healthy and feel good about yourself. This will help you maintain a positive image.

Consult an expert

If you’re submitting tons of resumes and still aren’t getting any interviews, it may be what you’re presenting to employers. Consider having a resume writing professional take a look at your resume. Experts know how to make your resume stand out and they also have a plethora of experience in the job search field. Contact an expert who can give you a free resume review and go from there. You’ll be surprised with some of the helpful feedback.

Networking and support

Don’t forget, in today’s job world, ‘who you know’ still matters. Networking is extremely powerful, so get out there and meet new people! Volunteering at an industry event will also help you meet new people in the industry. Networking can also help you acquire the support you need to stay positive. One of the worst things you can do when unemployed is become anti-social. Use your support system as a way to remain optimistic about the job search.

Remember: STAY POSITIVE. Don’t let unemployment get you down. Using these tips, you’ll be ready to attack the job search again in no time!

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