1. How much will my resume cost?
2. What is the procedure?
3. What if I don't have a resume at all?
4. What is the time factor in obtaining a completed resume?
5. Will my resume be a one, two or three page resume?
6. Can you help me with every stage of my job search?
7. My company is laying-off many employees. Can your company help?
8. What sort of industry guidelines regulate the resume-writing field?

How much will my resume cost?

Our services are priced on an individual basis, and pricing is literally different for every client. If finding the lowest priced service is your primary objective, we may not be the firm for you. Our clients retain us to effectively market their skills and strengths, not because we are the cheapest. If you are serious about advancing your career then we can certainly assist you. Some factors which determine the cost of your resume include your field of work, how many years experience you have, your objective, level of education, etc. It truly depends on the complexity of writing the document, which is why we encourage you to email your resume to us for a free critique, at which time we can provide you with feedback, strategy and an exact price quote.

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What is the procedure?

Email your current or old resume to us for a free critique. We will then contact you with feedback, strategy and pricing. If you decide to proceed we will require payment via credit card, and accept Visa, MC, AMEX and Discover. A questionnaire is emailed to you for your completion and return. An email session follows, enabling us to clarify points and extract even more detailed data from you. A draft is then sent to you for your approval and we then finalize the resume and cover letter. The entire process is usually completed within a few days, and we are with you each step of the way to ensure your satisfaction and a successful career search strategy.

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What if I don't have a resume at all?

Many of our clients have never had a prior need to develop a resume, and therefore have nothing to email us. Instead, simply send us an email which briefly outlines and contains the following: your name, address, telephone number, your title/position, in what field you are currently employed, how many years you have been in that field, what level of education you have completed, what type of position you are seeking, what salary range you seek, and where, geographically, you wish to work. Then we will contact you with some additional questions, advise you of strategy, pricing and if you wish to proceed, send you the needed paperwork to extract more details.

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What is the time factor in obtaining a completed resume?

We work on your sense of urgency. Once we have all the paperwork returned to us, we typically have a draft within 3 or 4 days. The entire process is completed within 1 week, as long as you respond to our request for information quickly.

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Will my resume be a one, two or three page resume?

The answer to this is "yes!" In other words, we write one-page documents, two-page documents, and/or three-page documents depending on each client's circumstances. A great many of our clients' resumes are two or three pages. This is perfectly acceptable and the old standby of having a one-page resume is no longer valid. What is important is that the resume SELLS you to the reader, not whether it is one or two pages.

In the academic field, it is perfectly acceptable to have a resume consisting of several pages; European and certain international resumes are also totally different in content and lay-out, and have a unique format all their own.

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Can you help me with every stage of my job search?

YES! As a comprehensive and full-service career marketing firm, we can indeed help you with each and every phase of your job search, including: writing resumes and cover letters; confidentially posting your resume on the Internet (so as to not compromise your current employment); developing electronic and scannable resumes; identifying recruiters and/or companies to target for new employment through effective marketing campaigns; thank you and follow up letters; resignation letters; acceptance letters AND MORE! We typically suggest you take "baby steps" throughout the process, so as to not become overwhelmed. The concept of "job search" is frightening to some, uncomfortable at least, to most. At, we live in this arena EVERY SINGLE DAY, day in, day out, and can easily provide guidance to our clients, who are briefly "passing through" this arena, while job searching. We encourage you to work with us and reap the benefits of our experience and expertise, as so many other satisfied job seekers already have.

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My company is laying-off many employees. Can your company help?

Absolutely! As a corporate account, we will aid your organization in providing the assistance your employees need to re-enter the job market as quickly as possible. Providing help in conducting a job search is a critical component in today's severance package. It directly benefits the employee, and it can reduce your company's unemployment insurance because terminated employees become re-employed quickly.

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What sort of industry guidelines regulate the resume-writing field?

In the U.S., each individual state stipulates its requirements and laws with which resume firms must comply. In New Jersey, it is mandatory that all resume firms be licensed and bonded. Licensing involves many factors, including passing a test pertaining to employment issues. Resume firms are monitored under the Department of Law and Public Safety.

Guidelines are also outlined by the resume industry's professional organization, the Professional Association of Resume Writers (PARW). As a PARW member, is required to subscribe to the Association's Code of Ethics:


A PARW member in good standing will:

1. Professionally provide clients with products and services that will enhance their abilities to achieve their goals and objectives regardless of race, creed, religion, national origin, sex, age level or income, or physical handicap.

2. Be sensitive to client's needs and compassionate in providing advice, products, and services in meeting the client's specific career goals.

3. Deliver to the client what was promised and be truthful in guiding, advising, and counseling clients in all aspects of the resume writing/employment industry.

4. Maintain strict confidentiality with every client, revealing information only upon written authorization by the client.

5. Keep current of new trends, formats, writing styles, and resume/employment presentations to best serve his/her clients through PARW newsletter and other publications or sources.

6. Stay abreast of market and hiring trends that will affect his/her clientele. By staying current, PARW members will provide up-to-date advice, counsel, products, and services to better meet clients'

7. Comply with all legal obligations in providing professional services.

8. Be aware that contact with the public as a PARW member promotes the organization and reflects on the resume writing/consulting service as an industry.

9. Be responsible to the community and be a contributing part of this environment through participation in community activities, and will offer professional advice and information pertaining to the resume writing/employment field.

10. Emphasize the professional spirit of the organization by encouraging and promoting good relations among members.

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