If your company is downsizing, we don't have to tell you the impact it will have on both departing employees, and on the remaining employees. To maintain a level of productivity and morale, we suggest you include selected job search services from as part of your employees' severance package. Providing professionally written resumes and cover letters enables employees to re-enter the job market quickly, and demonstrates to the remaining employees that you are a caring employer. Assisting employees in finding new employment quickly can also reduce your unemployment insurance because the employees are quickly back in the workforce.

Services You Can Afford

Experienced in customizing termination assistance programs for corporate accounts, we offer cost effective programs which provide the quality of service that well-known outplacement firms provide, but at a fraction of their cost.

Getting Results

By working independently or as part of a crisis management team, we can address your human resources requirements and develop customized programs which meet the needs of your employees - as well as your company's budget.

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