Holiday Job Search Leads to Employment in the New Year

Snowed in by the unseasonably cold weather? Find yourself invited to about a million functions for the holidays? Both can be advantageous to your holiday job search efforts. Being snowed in can allow you to devote more attention to your online job search efforts, while parties and dinners provide opportunity for networking. Make sure you do both, doubling your job search efforts during this month and you will move into January with a head start over other job seekers.

Think the end of the year is a bad time to job search? Think again. Let me give you an analogy: ask any mom what is the worst day to shop for groceries and she will say “Saturday”. The store is packed with people, the clerks are busy, the shelves are a mess, and the checkout lines run back to the meat counter. Saturday for grocery shopping is like January for job searching – it’s a zoo. In January, everyone jumps into the market and job seekers are elbowing each other for position. Waiting until January to put your efforts into your job search is like parachuting into the middle of a buffalo stampede!

On the flip side, what is the best day for grocery shopping? Usually Tuesdays are best; the trucks with fresh items have arrived, the clerks have time to assist you, and you can get in and out much faster. In job search, December is a “Tuesday”. Hiring managers and gatekeepers are in good moods and more likely to spend some time reviewing your resume or speaking with you on the phone. Getting in the door via events or network connections can be easier. And the other job seekers are at home thinking negative thoughts! December is a great time to work your job search!

Many charitable organizations are extremely active in both fundraising and events in December. Volunteer your help with some local organizations and you achieve several things. First, you accomplish something worthwhile, but you also bring yourself into contact with lots of other people, many of whom are working on behalf of their employers as part of a corporate sponsorship. Instant contacts! And what a great way to make a good first impression!

Make December count. Don’t stop now but rather redouble your efforts at meeting people, talking about companies, getting leads, and getting your resume and cover letter out. It’s job hunting season!