LinkedIn for Success

Do you have a profile on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social network for business professionals. The professional networking experience that LinkedIn offers is unlike any other social network. One of the most interesting concepts of LinkedIn is the ability to use your profile as a virtual resume. A good LinkedIn profile will help you stand out in the job search. There have been many job success stories from LinkedIn and you can find a job on the professional network as well.

However, signing-up for LinkedIn is only part of the effort. Upon registering, the next step is to begin optimizing your profile. Allocate some time to filling out your profile COMPLETELY. Employers are always using LinkedIn in their hiring efforts, so make sure you give them everything they are looking for in your profile.

Here are some tips and strategies to optimize your LinkedIn profile for job success:

Include a photo and make a custom profile link

When creating your profile, make sure to include a picture. Profiles that don’t contain a picture are usually categorized as spam accounts. A picture that includes your face is good LinkedIn practice as it adds a personal touch to your resume. Also, customize your profile’s link so that it reads your name (or a close variation of it). The goal is to market yourself as a personal brand and an easy link will help employers remember your name.

Website and links

LinkedIn allows you to include a website or other links on your profile. If you own a personal website, INCLUDE IT! You can also include links to other personal resources. Any links that can help employers to better understand you and your objective is worth including.


Recommendations are a great way to give the employer an idea of who you are through your work ethic. Although, not a requirement on your LinkedIn profile, having someone who can vouch for your work ethic speaks wonders and will certainly go a long way in finding job success on LinkedIn.

Grow your network

As stated before, what sets LinkedIn apart from other social networks is its powerful networking abilities. Take advantage of that! Start connecting with influential people and they may be willing to write you a recommendation or even better, they may put in a good word for you at human resources. Although having a healthy network can be effective, don’t overdo it. Make sure your network consists of people who are actually in your industry, because ‘who you know’ still matters.

SEO for your profile

Everything in your profile can be optimized for easier search. Optimizing your profile is similar to optimizing your website for SEO. Using specific keywords in your profile headline can help you stand out more. Think about how employers are going to be searching for you and then optimize your profile for easy discovery.

Publicize your profile

You’ve finished creating your profile? Great! Now make sure your settings allow your profile to be seen by employers. There’s nothing worse than hiding too much information from people not in your networks. Head over to your profile’s settings and make sure you grant enough access so that employers can find what they are looking for.

Groups and LinkedIn Answers

Join groups in your industry and begin influencing the discussions. Get your name out there while establishing credibility in the process. Being proactive on LinkedIn is very beneficial. Another way to build authority is to start answering industry questions through LinkedIn Answers. Spend a few minutes each day answering some questions. Help others and they may be inclined to help you.

Get creative

In this day and age, it’s important for your resume to stand out! LinkedIn offers great add-ons. From showing employers your personal reading list to including a YouTube video of yourself, you can get creative with your LinkedIn resume by taking a look at some of the applications.

Utilize these tips and strategies and give yourself the best opportunity to succeed on your LinkedIn job search.

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