Writing a Resume with No Work Experience

Job seekers send out many resumes to employers with optimistic hopes. While some are lucky enough to get the interview, other job seekers aren’t as fortunate. However, there are a lot of things you can do to better your chances of getting the interview. The first step is having an expert resume writing service look over your resume. A free resume review can give you the confidence needed to attack the job search with full force.

But how do you succeed in the job search if you have limited experience? You can rest assured, it’s possible! This is a common problem amongst job seekers and the truth is, there are ways to succeed without having any experience.

So, how do you do it? The art lies in highlighting your other strengths. Using the strategies below, you’ll be able to accomplish that.

Volunteering and internships

Volunteering has tons of benefits. First, it can be an effective way to show employers about your work ethic. Second, it can help you develop skills related to the career path you are looking to get into. Lastly, the possibilities to network are endless. If you don’t have any volunteering experience, contact a local charity or shelter – there’s always a need for volunteers.

Try to acquire an internship in your industry as well. This will give you the skills needed to better yourself and yet again, offers a great chance to network with influential people.

Volunteering shows employers that you are adamant about bettering yourself and making an impact, while internships will help you acquire the skills needed. These strategies are essential for a resume with no work experience.

Awards and achievements

Be sure to include any relevant awards and/or achievements when crafting a resume with no experience. These could be acknowledgements for an academic achievement or recognition for a project or activity you were involved in. Achievements are another effective way to show employers that you have tasted success – success that can undoubtedly be replicated in the position you are applying for. Think about how your past achievements relate to the position you are applying for, and use them to convince the employer that you’re more than capable.

Your skills

Even though you don’t have any work experience, you must make it a point to highlight job-related skills. Maybe you’ve taken a class in graphic design or maybe you’ve participated in an activity where you had to manage a group of peers. All transferrable skills must be mentioned. Employers want to know how you’re qualified for the position. Use your skills to answer that question.


References will give you that all-important push when applying for a position. A reference or recommendation will tell the employer why you’re the best fit for the job, despite your lack of work experience. Make strong connections when networking and use those relationships as references to support your resume, but do not include these references on your actual resume. Construct a list of professionals with their contact information, who will be willing to vouch for your work. Then have your list ready for distribution if an employer asks for it. Then have your list ready for distribution if an employer asks for it.


If you don’t have any relative work experience, then you should try placing an emphasis on how your personality would be a great fit for the position. While this shouldn’t go on your resume, you can use your cover letter to describe how your personality will help you succeed in the position. Remember, not only are employers looking for a candidate that can do the job, they are also looking for someone who will fit-in with the team.

As stated before, the key to writing a resume with no experience is to highlight your strengths. Despite having no experience, why are you qualified for the position? Focus on the points outlined above and you’ll be on your way to job success.

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