Industry Specific Resumes 101

Landing your dream job is possible with a respectable amount of work experience and a captivating resume. The benefit of knowing what you want to do is being able to customize your resume to a specific industry you are applying to. By doing so, your chances of being noticed amongst other applicants are significantly increased. Prospective employers normally scan your resume for keywords and past/present job responsibilities according to a specific industry.

Regardless of the type of job you are applying for, a resume gives an employer a better understanding of who you are and what you have to offer. Often times, a resume is the first impression that a perspective employer gains about you. Most hiring managers will be drawn in when he or she comes across a resume which was carefully created to grab their attention. A resume that is tailored for the jobs you apply to, is a great way to stand out amongst others applying for the same position as you.

To make your resume jump off the stack on a perspective employer's desk, you'll first need to research the company in question. What are their values and beliefs? Think about how you can tie the spirit of their company into your resume. Once you know what they are looking for is when you can optimize your resume and be sure to angle your position accordingly.

Researching the industry and job position in general will give you more inspiration. Look for keywords that are being used by successful people in the position you hope to have. Making your resume pop is all about using the right industry-related words to show a perspective employer that you are familiar with the field.

  • Reference articles written by and for people already in the industry to get a feel for the language they are using.
  • Keep an eye out for concepts and skills commonplace within your desired industry to better understand what about yourself you should be emphasizing.
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Your resume should both conform to industry standards and stand out in a way that puts the spotlight on your most notable marketable skills. Hiring a professional is the best way to get that top notch resume to land the career you deserve!