Accomplishments to Leave Off Your Resume
Listing every minor accomplishment on your resume may be tempting, but the truth is that there are some that can actually hurt your chances of landing a new job when included on a resume. A resume is your chance to give employers a snapshot of the attributes which make you an ideal candidate for a given position. Listed below are some accomplishments that should be left off your resume.

Indefinable Accomplishments

While it may sound great to tell a potential employer that you were the hardest working employee your past boss had ever seen, but how are you going to back that up with evidence? Unless you actually won an award or received tangible recognition for this achievement, it should be left off your resume.

If you wish to provide examples of past work experiences which highlight your positive attributes as an employee, save the details for the interview. You can relate a story about how you worked hard or encouraged teamwork when an interviewer asks you a direct question related to these events.

Typos and Mistakes

Some accomplishments can be included in your resume, but you're not going to impress anyone if you include typos or grammatical errors within your explanation of the accomplishment. It can be easy to have a mental lapse when typing up a resume because of the stress related to job searching. However, ensure you don't make a mistake that could cost you a potential job opportunity. For example, some resume writers have accidentally used the word "complaint" when they meant to say "compliment." Imagine telling your potential employer that you receive complaints from your current employer instead of compliments.

Avoiding the pitfall of typos on a resume is as simple as submitting your resume for evaluation. Our free review gives you the opportunity to improve your resume and increase your chances of landing the job you deserve.

Falsified Information

Remember when you got that big promotion and received awards for being the best employee in the company? If that didn't really happen, it shouldn't be on your resume. Lies about accomplishments that never happened will always come back to haunt you. You may be trying to make up for something like failing to take a class or two to earn a degree or being stuck in a position with a past employer, but lying about the situation won't help. Tell the truth and explain the circumstances in the interview.

Accomplishments in Hobbies

You made it to the last level in that video game that you've been stuck on for a year. You finally learned a difficult guitar riff that had been giving you trouble. Your fantasy football team made it to the playoffs this year. Those are all great personal accomplishments, but they have nothing to do with your professional life nor do they correlate with your career goals. Unless one of these hobbies comes up in small talk during the interview, keep these accomplishments to yourself.

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