Prepare Now for Your Next New Job Print E-mail

Alesia Benedict, CPRW, JCTC

Are you employed but unhappy? Many people are. It’s called being underemployed or unhappily employed. With the economy in the tank for the past two years, many people have put all thoughts of hunting for a new, more exciting job on the back burner. Those with jobs at all are thanking their lucky stars for a paycheck while bearing up under less-than-optimal conditions. Stress levels are up and so are work hours; people are doing more with less which makes for tense times.

Although it may seem implausible, now is the time to start preparing for your next job search. Unemployment is inching lower, companies are starting to recover and that means hiring will start increasing. You should start thinking ahead. Here are some tips:

Make sure your network is warm. All those people hit by layoffs can attest that networking is hardest when you’ve allowed your network to fall away. Stay in touch with your contacts constantly so you are always on the radar regardless of economic conditions. Most great opportunities come through your network when you are least expecting it.

Get your resume and cover letter ready. That unexpected opportunity may not wait for you to get a resume and cover letter spiffed up. You should have a current resume on hand at all times. Every time you achieve something at work or if your role changes, you should make detailed notes, having your information at hand. If you have a great resume but it’s been more than six months since you touched it, it’s time to update it!

Get necessary training. Maybe you are thinking of moving up a step on the career ladder but need additional education or training. Now is the best time to make that happen. Take advantage of the stalled economy to update your skills, attain a degree, or add a specialization. It will pay off in the end!