Savvy Job Tips to Get You Hired! Print E-mail

by Alesia Benedict, CPRW, JCTC

The Internet has completely transformed the way job searches are performed, enabling the job seeker with far more capabilities and opportunities than ever before. However, the solitary nature of the online job search can tempt job seekers to ignore the value of networking and other traditional resources. Be careful not to become trapped in a cycle of inefficiency that masquerades as productive action. Being busy in your job search is not enough to produce results. Like any successful campaign, you need to diversify the ways in which your message is communicated to achieve results. The more people with whom you authentically connect, the greater success you are likely to achieve. Plan a multi-layered job search to land your next job.

1) Use Boards Wisely

Online job boards and websites are tools that you can use in many different ways to stack your success. However, if you are relying solely on job boards you are limiting your chances of success. Worse yet, you may be deluding yourself about the effectiveness of your job search.

Hiring managers are inundated with electronic resumes from career posting sites. While you should certainly post your resume online, try to be realistic about how career websites can benefit you as just one component of your career search plan.

For niche and specialty fields, geographic specificity, and positions with high turnover rates, such websites can lead directly to a job. But for most career seekers, a quick job offer or even an interview is unlikely from these efforts alone. The best use of career websites is as one part of your overall career strategy. Use them to gather information about companies that are hiring, review qualifications for varied positions, and gain access with contact information posted online. The boards are the first stop in your career search, but don’t make them your last!

2) Create a Comprehensive Strategy

Career analysts report that the most successful applicants combine a number of strategies to create a comprehensive career search. If this sounds like marketing, you’re right. Borrowing a page from sales reps, PR staffers, and multi-media marketers can help you land your next job! Planning is crucial to the success of any campaign, whether it is an ad campaign to introduce a new product or a job search campaign to introduce you to your next employer.

Integrate information obtained from the career websites in the same way you would use any business intelligence. What is the company looking for? How can you gain access to key players in the hiring game? How often do these types of openings come up at the company? If you are seeing many similar postings, you may want to look for additional sources of information to determine if this is the best company for you.

3) Hit the Pavement

To truly make an impact and set yourself apart from the competition, make a personal appearance. Once you have identified the key individuals, choice positions, and select corporations that are the best match for your skills, then start cold-calling. You may choose to hand deliver your resume to the hiring manager’s office in addition to the online posting. How many applicants are going to take the extra time to physically go to the company? Realistically, many candidates may not even live close enough to do so. Take advantage of geography – set up an appointment with those employers within driving distance and take off. A personal touch in an impersonal world conveys a positive message regarding your commitment and interest in the company.

Adjust your expectations of what online career boards can do for you and create a comprehensive job search strategy that taps all your resources. Expand your existing networks with information gained about the company, hiring contacts, or industry through your use of career websites. Diversify your job search strategy and you will be off the boards and into your new position well ahead of the competition!