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by Alesia Benedict, CPRW, JCTC

For insurance jobs or medical jobs – the cover letter is critical.

Often when creating a resume that really speaks volumes about a candidates capabilities, one of the most effective tools in the job hunters arsenal is the cover letter. When composing a resume for an insurance job or a medical job, there is a great deal of information that does not easily "fit" into the standard resume format.

The importance of the cover letter cannot be overstated for the technical or medical resume. The benefit of the cover letter is underscored in it’s flexibility in regards to outlining technical expertise or specialized qualifications. No other vehicle in the resume package can deliver this critical information more effectively than a well-crafted cover letter.

Information easily overlooked in an insurance adjuster resume:

  • Specialized computer training

  • Specialized insurance code knowledge

  • Advanced computer skills

  • Sales/Customer Service training received

  • Claim negotiation training/experience

The cover letter can be an excellent format with which to convey this important information. GetInterviews.com can tailor your cover letter – which by the way will be the first impression the employer gets of your overall resume – to showcase your specialized medical job or insurance job qualifications. Cover letter writing is an art form in its own right and can have a major impact on the effectiveness of your job search.

Claims adjusters, Insurance appraisers, insurance examiners and insurance investigators are just a few jobs where specialized skills are important. The candidates within these sectors have an opportunity within the cover letter to address their distinct capabilities very early in the assessment cycle, and this document presents the perfect format for the task.

If you are searching for a job in the insurance industry, stop by Insurance Workforce – a leader in connecting qualified candidates with the best insurance jobs. Once GetInterviews.com fine-tunes your resume and cover letter to perfection post it to Insurance Workforce so they can see to it that the document finds its way into the hands of those who can connect you with that perfect fit.

(For more information on writing cover letters, and to see a sample cover letter, please go to the article entitled "Writing Cover Letters that Sizzle".)

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