Static in the Job Market Print E-mail

Every time there is a natural disaster or public emergency, people pick up their phones to check on relatives and neighbors or to share news. The result is jammed phone lines and “service unavailable” messages from cell providers. The system is overwhelmed by the many users trying to use it at once. The same phenomenon is occurring with the job market. There are so many “callers” (job seekers) yet a limited number of “lines” (jobs). As a result, there is a great deal of static in the job market at the moment hindering the process for both the job seeker and for the employer.

It can be very tempting when looking for a job to send your resume to any and every advertised position. The thought “I’m pretty sure I can do that” is often prevalent. The results of applying to anything and everything are dismal! Employers are very specific in the qualifications they seek in potential candidates. They seek near-100% matches and because there are so many candidates available, employers are finding candidates that fit the bill. That leaves candidates who might have 80% of the requirements left out of consideration.

Conduct a smart job search. Do not apply to just any job that catches your eye. Look realistically at your qualifications in comparison to requirements of the position. Make sure you are applying to positions that fit your qualifications well. To do otherwise is to spin your wheels and waste a lot of time – both your time and the employer’s. If you send your resume in for a job for which you are only marginally qualified, you are contributing to the static in the job market and not really accomplishing anything.

Check your resume against the positions advertised. Have you stated your qualifications clearly? Is there a required qualification you have but may not have mentioned on your resume? A close study of the market and what employers are seeking can help guide you in your job search and career development. Use your time wisely in conducting your job search and go after select jobs – not just anything. You will use your time more wisely and achieve better results.