Super-Charge Your Job Search with Phone Apps! Print E-mail

by Alesia Benedict, CPRW, JCTC

If you have a smart phone, you have a virtual assistant for your job search. A job search can be tedious and labor-intensive, so use any available tools at your disposal to help increase your effectiveness and learn about opportunities before the competition!

Regardless of the type of phone you have, apps are available that help you search jobs from a number of top sites, including LinkedIn, LinkUp, Beyond, SimplyHired, Indeed,, and CareerBuilder. Below is our quick-start guide to some of the most popular job search apps for smart phones. Although many of these apps are free, some do have a minimal charge, and of course you will want to research other users’ experiences to determine which apps are most reliable for your phone.

1) HireADroid

This app allows you to create a list of favorite and recently viewed jobs. Position listings can be sent in a number of ways, including e-mail and postings on Droidin, Twitter, or Facebook. A handy note-taking app allows you to organize details about each posting, such as contact information for your own to-do list.


Among the first apps developed to help job seekers on-the-go, the app’s GPS technology allows job searches that identify your current location, maps of the city in which the job is located, and offers all the functionality of the full website for comprehensive searches, including keywords, salaries, and descriptions. The app also allows emails to be sent to contacts and for you to maintain privacy regarding your search.


The app also provides full functionality in the same way as on the website, allowing users to sign in to their account, save job searches, and receive email alerts of new job postings. Features to apply for jobs and check on previously submitted applications are available via the iPad. GPS capability rounds out this comprehensive tool.

4) Job Compass

This iPhone app uses the locator feature to search jobs within a 100-mile radius of your phone. You can research the jobs quickly and apply from your phone or call the hiring manager as soon as you find a job description that matches the focus of your job search.

5) Job Finder

Streamline your job search by consolidating jobs from multiple sites, instead of individually searching each site. The searches are based on locations and preferences that you specify. All the details are saved to speed future searches, using RSS to gather information from sources such as SimplyHired and, and results are organized into 70+ job categories.

6) LinkedIn

Update your status, browse your connections, and search for jobs from any location. You can download the app to your phone and have immediate access to your network and any posts that identify new opportunities.

7) iJobs

Receive job updates directly on your phone and search huge databases by industry, company name, or location. Refine your search from your current location via GPS and save for future use.

8) Facebook Apps

A number of Facebook apps are available that can leverage your network for effective job search results. You can visit the Facebook Application Directory to find apps that work best for you, but here are a few examples:

BranchOut is a Facebook app for professional networking that allows your LinkedIn profile to be imported. You can maximize your results with minimal effort.

CareerBuilder also has an app on Facebook that delivers updated job postings that you can use to apply for positions.

Hire My Friend allows you to promote your friends or for your friends to do the same for you. The app includes a brief description of skills and links to your LinkedIn Profile. You can also include a direct link to your LinkedIn account without the app.


Typical search, save, and email functions are available on this iPhone app which you can also access from your computer. The app focuses searches using keywords and location settings that you provide.

10) JobServe

Set any number of filters with this app including whether the openings are permanent or contract positions. Results can be forwarded to your email or saved to favorites for later access.

11) Indeed

Typical search functions are available through your phone in the same way you would search online. Search history is saved and new jobs since last search are highlighted.

12) Twitter / RealTime Jobs

TwitterJobSearch allows you to access RealTime Jobs to apply for openings by attaching an online or video resume. You can easily respond to job postings with a simple click.

13) Hidden Jobs

Many jobs are never advertised. This app helps you learn about company expansions that are in the news. You can search by state and connect to the article that originally carried the news release.

These apps allow you to stay connected to your job search even if you are away from your computer. Most major sites, such as,, and LinkedIn all have free apps that you can download to access information from your phone. Take advantage of these resources and technology to super-charge your search. Receiving updates on your phone may give you just the jump on the competition needed to land the perfect job!