The Most Bizarre Resume and Job Search Mistakes Print E-mail

In an annual resume survey conducted by Harris Interactive in which more than 2500 hiring managers were polled, a whopping 45% of the managers said they spent less than one minute reviewing a resume. When asked to recall the most unusual resumes they have received, employers shared the following:

1. Candidate said the more you paid him, the harder he worked.
2. Candidate included that he was arrested for assaulting his previous boss.
3. Candidate said he just wanted an opportunity to show off his new tie.
4. Candidate listed her dog as reference.
5. Candidate listed the ability to do the moonwalk as a special skill.
6. Candidates — a husband and wife looking to job share — submitted a co-written poem.
7. Candidate included “versatile toes” as a selling point.
8. Candidate stated she was “particularly adept at comprehending the obvious.”
9. Candidate said that he would be a “good asset to the company,” but failed to include the “et” in the word “asset.”
10. Candidate’s email address on the resume had “shakinmybootie” in it.
11. Candidate said he was qualified because he was a “marvelous physical specimen.”
12. Candidate included that she survived a bite from a deadly aquatic animal.
13. Candidate was fired from different jobs, but included each one as a reference.
14. Candidate used first name only.
15. Candidate presented a list of demands in order to work for the organization.
16. Candidate asked, “Would you pass up an opportunity to hire someone like this? I think not.”
17. Candidate insisted that the company pay him to interview with them because his time was valuable.
18. Candidate’s resume was intentionally written from right to left instead of left to right.
19. Candidate shipped a lemon with resume, stating “I am not a lemon.”
20. Candidate submitted 40-page resume that included photos and diplomas