Top Reasons You Haven't Landed a Job Interview Print E-mail

Scheduling a job interview is the first step toward starting a new career. However, some job seekers are unable to get the opportunity to tell employers why they are a good fit for a job. What are some reasons why you aren't able to get a job interview?

You May Not Meet the Minimum Requirements

It is important to scan any job posting to check for any requirements the employer may have to be considered for the job. For example, you may need to have a college degree, a minimum amount of experience and list references on your resume. In addition, you may need to send your resume in by a certain time and date. If you miss the deadline, your resume could be sent to the trash.

Are You Including The Right Keywords?

Employers may use keyword software to weed out frivolous resumes or resumes from candidates that don't seem like a good match for the position. If you are not including proper keywords in your resume, you may not get an interview regardless of how strong of a fit you would be for the company.

Spelling and Grammar Issues

Misspelled words and
poor grammar on a resume are a sign that you may not be as professional as you should be. Even if you have someone else write your resume, it is important to put your best foot forward when contacting an employer for the first time.

Contact Information on Your Resume

Although this would seem like obvious information to put on a resume, many job seekers forget to put
contact information on their resume. In some cases, a job seeker may list an outdated phone number or an email address that he or she no longer uses. Make sure that a prospective employer can get in touch with you if they want to set up an interview.


Job seekers can have a tendency to inflate their accomplishments or be too brash in their cover letter. To get a job interview, be sure to state your accomplishments in a humble and sincere way. In addition, you want to avoid telling the employer things like you would be a good fit for the position because you would make a great designated hitter for the company softball team.

Job interviews are going to be few and far between for those who don't know how to craft a resume and cover letter. Make sure that you are humble, use proper spelling and grammar and always include contact information. If you can do that, you should be in good shape to interview with any company that has a job opening you are qualified to fill.