Warm Up Your Network Print E-mail

Is your job search iced over? When there is two feet of snow outside, finding the motivation to get out to networking opportunities can be difficult. It is much more tempting to stay at home by the fireplace. The Northern Hemisphere is in the middle of one of the coldest winters in years. Snow blankets from New York to Beijing with flakes appearing in central Florida for the first time in decades. Many job seekers are dealing with power issues and travel problems during this period. Mother Nature is making front page news along with unemployment figures.

Does the weather affect hiring? It’s possible to some degree. If a hiring manager is stuck at home, it will be hard to interview candidates in person. However, remote computing allows many snow-bound workers to connect to the office from home and continue to conduct business. Productivity is maintained and often gained from remote work. Since most first interviews are conducted via telephone, lack of mobility is not a hurdle. While many bemoan the passage of the “face to face” first interview, technology may actually help overcome obstacles that might delay hiring such as weather, illness, or travel.

Savvy use of technology as a tool can be very helpful to job search. Know how to use social media properly and implement the basics of mobile computing and communications. Leverage the power of communication at warp-speed to maximize the effectiveness of your networking and communication. The more connections you can achieve, the better your chances of finding new opportunities. The Internet, LinkedIn, Facebook, and email in general make keeping your network warm easy – no matter what the weather outside!