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Client Testimonials

I want to say how impressed I am with your work. I knew I was going to receive a resume of high quality but I must say that you have made the process effortless; with the end result exceeding my expectations! I have no doubt this resume will open some doors. The weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am greatly appreciative.

Jennifer P, Senior VP

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. I've been busy talking to people, setting up appointments and handing them my new resume! Thank you so much. You've brought clarity to me and to those who are seeing my resume. The ROI on the process of working with you is incredible! It gave me confidence and strength, which in turn have enhanced and encouraged my networking.

Karen K, Executive Vice President

I am an executive recruiter. Let me just say this: my client company was incredibly impressed with the resume your firm prepared, and your client starts his new position in 2 weeks. I have seen thousands of resumes throughout my career and have never felt compelled to thank a resume writing firm before. I look forward to recommending you, and in developing an ongoing relationship with your firm.

Kimberly Philips, Engineering Headhunter

Remember when I said "Who IS this person? I'd hire him in a heartbeat!" after reviewing the resume you created for me? Well, guess who did? XXXXXXX, and I only had to send out one resume. Unbelievable, you are the best. Thanks so much.

Stephen K, Marketing VP

When you said you developed AGGRESSIVE resumes, you weren't kidding! Sent out 13 resumes, received 11 interviews and 10 offers. Amazing!

F. "Willy" P, Sales and Marketing Director

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